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Our Portfolio

Quantum Design Lab – Client Portfolio

Quantum Design Lab Offers:
PRINT • (Graphic Design)
ID • (Company Branding)
WEB • (Website Design)
MEDIA • (Digital & Music)

Design is our Passion!
Good Design converts to Good Sales, PERIOD!

Why Hire QDLAB?
Are you tired of looking for the right designer to build your website or design your brochure? You will get the results you’re looking for at a price you can afford with us. We have the visual solution to any design problem you can throw our way.

Award-Winning Design:
Quantum Design Lab is a HOW International Design Award winner published in HOW Magazine’s premier design annual. QDLAB has over 15 years of design industry experience and our clients include: Adidas, DuPont, Panasonic, Dean Guitars and HBO.

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